Tuesday, August 28, 2012

First day post

Time sure does fly when you don't want to go to school. I spend the entire day running errands. This morning I hit the gym for about 45 minutes, super short for my usual workout but my bad knee was acting up so better safe than sorry.

I'd be lying if I said it didn't bother me but it did so I decided to do an insanity workout but of course my dog doesn't leave me alone. She lays all over my mat, licks my sweat off (so gross I know), and barks at me constantly. It's so annoying I try to do insanity only when absolutely necessary because its the same every time.

Even though I had a bad workout it's way better than no workout so it will do for today.

I'm dreading going back to school, this morning I waited 20 minutes in line at the bookstore for 2 books, renewed my decal and bought school supplies. My first class of the day doesn't start until 6:00 pm, luckily its Intro to spanish and only once and week.

Plus I understand Spanish! Reading, writing and speaking ehh not so great but still I definitely have it somewhat easier than my peers.

 Fingers crossed for getting out early!!