Friday, December 23, 2011

Brand New Blogger Here


Clearly I am new here and would like to welcome you by telling you a little more about myself. I created this blog as a "tracker" I hope to stay honest and as open as possible so we have some catching up to do.
I am in my second year of college, I live with my mom and my boyfriend Chris ( you will read more about him soon).I love running more than I love breathing and I am in recovery from an eating disorder, I hope to enspire anyone who is battling ED but thats not what this is about, this is about me, past and present! I am in a great place in my life and would love to share it with all of you!


My parents are divorced and I live with my mom, she recently got engaged to Rick who has been in our lives for almost 10 years so the wedding is something to look foward too but anyways my dad lives down the street (not literally) but pretty close to me. I visit him once a week when I can but mostly we chat on the phone.
My sister Karina is a year older than me so we are very close but she is attending FSU so i barley see her, luckly it is winter break and she is down for another week or so. I love my sister, she is caring and funny and has always been a great person to look up to.

(My sister and I with 2 of our 6 cousins)

In almost one month it will be Chris and I's one year anniverasy and I am super excited! I have never been so head over heals over a guy in my life, he is the one person that can save me from my over analytical self. He is my best friend, roomie and love I dont know what I'd do without him.

(This is my FAVORITE picture! This was taken on my 19th Birthday at Chris' parents house in Discovery Bay, Jamaica)

This subject is extremely important to me, I am striving to loose some extra weight I gained from a knee injuring while trying to stay heathly with diet and excersize. I am also training for TWO half marathons this coming year! My bodying image fluctuates as my weight fluctuates so there is no telling how I really feel about myself. Right now I'm on the right track I run sparsley to keep up with my weight training and try to hit the gym 6 times a week. My diet, well you will see I have come to the conclusion that no plan is the best plan some days I eat 5 times a day others I only eat 3 times a day it all depends on what my body is telling me. I try to live a healthy and balanced life, keep reading for more tips, workouts and meals!

I thinks thats all
Ofcourse there is much more to me than that! But for now I think you can decide if I am interesting enough to follow ;) In more recent news, today is CHRISTMAS EVE EVE YAY! No plans for today other than hitting the gym gotta go early since it closes at 12!