Friday, January 27, 2012

Eating out and enjoying it

Last night for my anniversary dinner Chris took me to Long Horn Steakhouse, in the car he surprised me with a single white rose and a bouquet of red roses at the house. I am truly blessed to have him in my life.

This morning while volunteering I finally got a chance to help out with the patients! After passing out the schedule I assisted with group therapy. I'm only allowed to transport and observe so nothing too hands on but it's better than paper work! I also helped out in the cooking group, we made the prettiest pizza I've ever seen. A frosted flakes crust covered with cream cheeses, whip cream and fruit.

After my shift my mom offered to take me to lunch since she was leaving early. We went to this little cafe, and both of us ordered the same sandwich and a side salad to share.  I actually order a half sandwich but scored a free-bee when they forgot to cut the sandwich. I need to carbo load so it worked out perfectly.

I'd love to rest and relax the day away but I have some tests coming up so I have to study as usual. It doesn't bother me though I'm actually learning a lot of new things.
Did you know..

Humans are 99.99% identical. The different features we all have are only on 1 of our genes.

Fat cells do not replicate, you are born with X amount, they either shrink or enlarge.

Isn't that neat?