Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Happy Valentines Day! I haven't had a real Valentine is a very long time so this morning instead of my usual gym sesh I slept in with Chris that is until our 9:30am class. I also enjoyed a breakfast fit for Valentines Day.

A few strawberries (not pictures obviously) an a whole wheat waffle with peanut butter and a dark chocolate heart. I melted and mixed the pb and chocolate to make the most delicious spread. I was in love!

My anatomy teacher clearly did not get the memo that you must be loving on Valentines Day because I was assigned to present today. I hate presenting in front of the class it makes me so nervous. I know nobody really cares what I'm saying but the sound of my voice in complete silents gives me such anxiety. I am beyond happy to have it over with!

Chris hates Valentines Day so when he brought me a card before my class it really made me so happy! I also received some a small box of chocolate from a stranger for watching her stuff for a few minutes. I was so surprised!!

I have another surprise waiting at home but I have more school work to do before I can head home. Blogging at school is a regular thing, its almost like I live here!

How was your Vday?