Monday, February 13, 2012

Weekend & A1A Half??

I can't believe it's already Monday! This weekend I took a break from blogging. Not only was I super busy with school work I needed some time to think if and how I should continue my blog.

Blogging is something I began for fun to document my activities health and eats. I had hoped to write everyday but it just cannot be done with my hectic schedule.  I will continue blogging maybe everyday maybe not it all depends on what's going on in my life.

Weekend recap:
Friday- I volunteer with the physical therapist, finished my anatomy project and spent the rest of the day reviewing for my mini practical on Monday.

Saturday- I had a killer leg workout, in the evening I saw the movie "Big Miracle" with my mom, shes going through something so I needed to spend some quality time with her, and then we met up with Chris at Beverly Hills Cafe for dinner.

Sunday- It was really cold I attempted an 8 miler but turned around after 1 mile like a true Floridian so instead I went to the gym and  did sprints on the treadmill, more homework, and tea at grandmas.

Clearly the weekend is too short for everything I need to do to be done. It gets worse as the next 2 weeks continue but after that I'll be free for a week.

After this mornings step class I spoke with the instructor Laurie about her running group. I got there too late on Saturday so I couldn't run with them but I said I'd be there this Saturday. 

Unfortunately she is running the A1A half marathon this Sunday, she said I could run with her daughter who is running the A1A unofficially because she didn't register for it. 

I have a pretty big decision to make. It sounds crazy to run 2 half marathons a week apart but it would only be for fun. Plus the Disney half is one that I will be taking my time and enjoying. I love Disney so I can't wait to be there running in the park!

Ill let you guys know what I decide by the weekend! I'm very busy with school so it's up in the air if I do it or not.

Have a great week!