Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Candie Girl

Last night nobody wanted to leave the house, the idea of getting into a car and driving was dreadful, we decided to stay in and watch a movie 
Ryan Gosling, enough said.

4.5 miles 
I was so happy to be back home and be able to run outside on flat road. During my run I felt good my knees were holding up but I knew I needed to slow down since another 10 mile run is due this Friday. At 3 miles I began running intervals, short sprints just to make it interesting. I drove to the gym for a quick leg workout then came home to eat! 
Now its time to pick up my Pomeranian CANDIE! She is my old, grumpy, cute little doggie. She has been staying at my grandparents house for the past 3 days so I'm happy to go get her back :)