Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Keeping Busy

Man today felt like a long day, before we picked up Candie Karina, my mom and I went to target for some quick shopping. Nothing too interesting but I did buy ingredients for my favorite drink.

Today was such a beautiful day outside, breezy and not a cloud in the sky. I snapped this picture of my grandmas' backyard while we were picking up Candie.
She was SO happy to come home! 
And quickly fell asleep on Karinas' clean clothes.. too cute.   
I was home by 4:00 took a nap and completely forget to take anything out for dinner. My mom ordered out from my favorite restaurant Beverly Hills Cafe. I love their salad, its the only thing I order. I'm always picky about ordering out so I have to customise it always.
Cranberry Apple Pecan Salad
  • Dressing always on the side
  • No onions
  • Light cheese
The topping on the salad are always over done so I eat around them since I make so many changes.

Wanna know what ingredients I bought at Target?
Yum!! Mango's, carrots and an orange to make juice from my juicer. The recipe actually calls for a papaya instead of an orange but I completely forgot to pick one up. Having a juicer is so great I get to make all kinds of healthy home made drinks. I rarely use it but when I do I'm never disappointed.

Cleaning up is not fun but well worth it.
I saved my drink for tomorrow morning, I have to be up bright and early to finish up some volunteer papers. Hopefully I will be in the Rehab center by the new year volunteering and learning about being a Physical Therapist!