Friday, December 30, 2011

Runny Nose Runner

Who is happy to be up at 6:15 AM? This girl. I had to wake up bright and early so I could properly fuel for my long run. My breakfast consist of COFFEE of course, oatmeal, 1 spoonful of peanut butter, 1/2 a banana and some protein power sprinkled in the mix.
Mhm mhn good :)
Does anyone else run in cold weather? I know Florida cold is nothing compared to other places but this morning it was COLD! I was prepared though, I wore long spandex and my track warm-up jacket. Some where around mile 4 my nose would not stop running, like buggers down the face running, does this only happen to me?

Anyways, by mile 8 a new pain began in the heal of my left foot. I'm use to pain in my knees and ankles but my heal ugh. Just another injury to add to the list. Luckily it stopped around mile 9. I felt pretty good the entire run even though my left knee is very fragile I have to run slow and steady to avoid more injury.

This is the first 10 mile run I timed on my new running watch, I loved being able to change the route at any point and still be able to track my steps. My old watch died a while back so I was very happy and grateful to receive a new one. After running nonstop for 10.14 miles I had to take Candie for a walk.
Great way to cool down, walk the dog, stretch and ice my knee!

I constantly ice my knees and ankles. I injured my knees a couple months ago and had to have physical therapy on it. My ankles were twisted constantly at the Down 2 Earth 10K, I didn't expect to be in so much pain after and even today they are still somewhat weak. I honestly feel like I'm running on stilts at times so it is crucial that I take care of my injuries.
These bath beads were quite soothing this morning, no miraculous relief but the aroma was very nice with my ice bath.

Runners what do you do to prevent injuries?

Any runny nose runners out there?