Sunday, January 15, 2012


Is the time it took me to run 12.5 miles this morning. Right around a 10 minute mile pace is where I tried to stay, in high school I was running 7-8 minute miles like it was cake but now that I've had knee problems and planters, I need to take is easy in order to keep running in the future. It really sucks to know I cant run as fast as I use to, but I'll look at it from the bright side, atleast I can run at all!

I started my run later than usual because it was still cold around 8:00 I pushed myself out the door and tried to stay in the sun to keep warm. I wore my UCF hat, red Nike jacket, pink dry fit top, and grey and orange pants. Clearly I am no fashonista when it comes to running! The jacket kept me comfortable, not too cold but not too bulky, I love wearing it!

Around mile 8 my knees and arches were screaming at me but I pulled through until mile 10. At this point I needed to take a 1 minute walk to eat my Gu. I picked it back up and only stopped to walk again at mile 11, I was tired everywhere but again I only walked for a minute. I finished my run and walked the last few steps to my door.

I felt so accomplished it was great, even though I was very tired I pushed through it and made it to the end. This is the song that I put on when I felt too tired to keep running, the lyrics really helped me. Stronger by Kelly Clarkson was definitely my jam this run.

After icing, rolling my heals on a tennis ball and taking a ice bath with soothing crystals I had my post workout meal. I wasn't too hungry but I knew I needed the fuel. I grilled some chicken, re-heated beets and had a piece of my grandmas spinach lasagna.

Yumm! Now time to rest and study, have a happy Sunday everyone!

What are you favorite songs to run to?