Friday, January 13, 2012

The Beauty of a Great Nap

Good evening! T.G.I.F. I survived the first week of classes, and I have a 4 day weekend! Friday is my volunteer day at the hospital, I'm so happy that it was MUCH  better than the first day. I was not with the patients but I did talk to someone about my career path. I will forever be grateful for the advice she gave me. She told me to get my bachelors in nursing and then have the hospital pay for PT school. I know nursing is no joke but if it will get my into graduate school with a job and medical experience, I'll be set. I'm very VERY excited for the future.

Once I finished my shift I came home to get ready for the beach..unfortunately it was muggy outside so I ended up staying home. I cooked and cleaned and caught up with some t.v. shows. Pretty boring, I know.

I didn't want to post today, I had nothing to say I was feeling lethargic and "fat" I ate some snacks while watching t.v. so that put me in a bad mood. I was tired from waking up early all week. I knew I would not go running so that made me feel even worse. It was an awful mood so I did the only thing I could do, I took a nice long nap!

I slept from 4:00-6:40 I would have kept sleeping but my mom called so I woke up! I felt so much better. I was somewhat tired still but for some reason whenever I take a nap its like I wake up and have a fresh start, my mind is in a better state as if it was a new day.

Lets be honest, I had to check the scale and see where I was at today. I don't want to go into detail but I ate some sugar earlier today. The scale was my friend, it told me what I hoped for. Nothing had changed from this morning. (I have a bad habit of weighing myself daily) This meant it was okay to have dinner. I had already made salmon this afternoon so I simply re-heated my meal, which was fantastic.

Today was very difficult to get through, instead of acting on the ED symptoms I was feeling I decided to get a "new start" through a good nap. I am proud to say I over came my urges today and will take the rest of the day as a rest day. I think my body is telling me it needs rest so I will gladly listen. 

How do you turn around a bad day?