Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Burr it's cold..

This morning I woke up to the fifties! Here in Florida this kind of weather constitutes boots, scarfs and beanies to keep warm.. seriously we consider this to be freezing. I woke up and ran out the door with coffee and cereal to go without even realizing how cold it was.

I was in such a rush because I was late to get my car door fixed. Two days ago Chris closed the driver seat door and some how jammed the door shut. I've been entering through the passenger seat and jumping over to the drivers seat.. it was funny at first but now its just plain annoying.

After several hours they opened it! Unfortunately the part will not be available until tomorrow boo! But luckily I had some time to do some shopping with my grandparents car while we waited for the mechanic to do his thing.

 We took a trip to the Kohl's near by and bought three super cute tops, all on sale SCORE!

 Then I went to my college and bought my text books, not on sale! Its insane how much they charge for books, nearly $300 spent on paper!

After shopping I had lunch, I almost don't want to post the picture because it looks like cat food but it was actually very very yummy. I had spinach, left over pastel de choclo and some lentils all made by my lovely grandmother.

I also found this awesome cream cheese in her fridge I paired it with a slice of whole wheat toast to try out.. it was so good! I normally do not eat cream cheese as a spread but this one I liked a lot, I would definitely recommend you all go out and buy it.

The rest of the day I will have to wait at home until my mom gets home to borrow her car and hit the gym, I hate going in the afternoon but if I have to I will. I think I'll keep myself busy by making some home made protein bars!

When do you prefer to workout?
How do you keep yourself busy at home?