Monday, January 2, 2012

Night of Premieres

Hello short hair! After donating my hair to locks of love this morning I had to change up my running shoes, I've been meaning to do so for a while but I always dread having to find my next perfect pair.

I've been through so many shoes over the past five years but I've never had Sauconys! Immediately after trying them on I knew I had to have them, they are light weight but durable and so comfortable.
I cant wait to try these puppy's out on the street!

I was in no mood to cook or be creative with my meals today.
LUNCH- Half a sweet potato, chicken and asparagus (yogurt and an apple -not pictured)

DINNER- Josephs Pita, chicken, lettuce and tomato
DESSERT- Apple pie and a cup of tea     
 Everyone needs some dessert every once in a while ;)

Anyone else ready for the Pretty Little Liars premiere tonight! I'm so excited, Chris wont be too happy but too bad hehe, I love when all my favorite shows return with new episodes! 

Are you excited for any t.v. shows? Which ones? 

Do you dread changing shoes like I do?