Monday, January 2, 2012


Waking up at 5am has got to change! For the past couple of days I've been waking up a lot earlier than usual. Today I woke up with quite an appetite so I waited until 6:15 and ate a pre-run meal.
1 apple, pb & flax seed 
I normally only eat this as a snack, but I was in the mood. This was NOT a good idea. I began my run around the neighborhood around 7:15 only 2 miles in I started to feel sick. My knees were doing fine but my stomach was not in the right place, I felt as if the apple was lodged into my throat which was very VERY uncomfortable. By 3 miles I could not take it so I walked the rest of the way. I completed 3.5 miles which I'm okay with, I now know to never eat that before a run!

Today I will make a change, that will help out a kid in need. I'm always receiving compliments on how pretty my hair is, its naturally straight and now I've grown it out. Before I could never get it to grow past my shoulders due to my poor diet but now I am healthy and do not need to hold on to my precious hair. I know it will go to someone who will truly appreciate it. 
Say goodbye! 
Whats your favorite pre-workout? 
What changes will you make this year?