Tuesday, January 17, 2012

College cafeteria

Normally Chris stays at school and has lunch with me, I microwave my meal and he buys pizza or a wrap. I always tell him not to buy lunch since it's not even good food and its way over priced! Today he actually took my advice and left me on my own for lunch. At my college there is ALWAYS a line to use the microwave. It only took me a 15 minute wait for a 2 minute meal! While waiting I listen in on people and watch them. Creepy? Oh well, what else is there to do.

Today I noticed how strange my school is. If you knew where I went this would be no surprise, I attend a community college with all types of people, young, old, smart, dumb, you name it and its most likely here. I also notice what people are eating. Most buy fries and chicken nuggets, pizza and wraps. This is because they only sell things of that nature; burgers, chips, fries. No salad bar, no fresh foods, no whole wheat!! I cant imagine why anyone would spend their money on cafeteria food.

I use to think I was such a hypocrite for judging food and what others put in their bodies. I use to beat myself up for thinking I was better than them, with my half of an apple lunch. I use to hide what I was eating so nobody knew what was really going in and out of me.

I am no longer that girl, I feel that I am entitled to my opinion because I do know how to live a balanced and healthy life. I know how to pick my meals and make good conscious decision. I would not eat fries and chicken fingers because it's full of fats, and grease and it doesn't even taste good!

Have you even noticed the foods you liked as a kid taste like plastic compared to real unprocessed foods? I know I have, I use to have happy meals all the time as a kid and now I wont even look at McDonald's at all. I think its because I am finally growing up and learning how to take care of my body.

I happily ate my steak, veggies and quinoa cake knowing my meal is most definitely a better option apposed to buying food from this cafeteria.

Do you ever feel like you've outgrown certain meals? Either you just don't like it or it's something that isn't too good for you?