Monday, January 30, 2012

Discount Health Foods

Hello everyone, thank you all for the kind words on my first half marathon, it meant so much to me to have completed one of my goals. I finally was able to check my official time. It took a while because the website kept freezing up, apparently all 25,700 runners were interested in their times too. Anyways, here are my results:

  • Distance HALF MAR
  • Clock Time 2:34:34
  • Chip Time 2:12:58
  • Overall Place 6423 / 16032
  • Gender Place 2349 / 8290
  • Division Place 35 / 181
  • 10K 1:01:34
  • Divtotal 181
  • Sextotal 8283 
  • Pace 10:09
I think I did pretty well for being injured a few short months ago. I am very proud of my results, I had a great time and did my best.

 After Pilate's this morning my mom and I went to the health store near my house, it's been there for years but this was our first visit. I found love in this store, EVERYTHING is at a discounted price. From vitamins to proteins to power bars EVERYTHING was on sale. I wasn't looking for anything in particular but I couldn't resist when I saw these goodies.

 Cacoa Goji Superfood snacks, they're bite size and delicious. My mom and I split one of them for a taste test, we both agreed they were good!

I've yet to try chia powder but everything on the label looked so appealing!

What are some of your favorite "health foods" you cant pass up?