Sunday, January 29, 2012

I did it!!

 I can now say "I ran a half marathon!" Crossing the finish line was the best feeling ever! But lets recap from the beginning. I hate being late so instead I was extra early, I over estimated the amount of traffic by two hours.. woops! So finally when we actually began running I was a bit sleepy and hungry. I popped a piece of the cliffs blocks into my mouth, thank god I brought them they helped me the whole race.

The rest of the way I kept a good pace, I stopped for water 3 times and I stopped to walk for 30 seconds 3 times. I had to think past the pain in my knees and feet and just keep going. The pain was definitely there from mile 6 til the end but I had to push through it.

I'm not gunna lie the walk to the car was dreadful. My feet were so sore I was walking slower than my grandma, seriously she was there. I finished in 2 hours and 15 minutes according to my watch but I have not seen the official time.
I completely forgot to take action shots til the very end, this is mile 10 running up the bridge.


Told ya my grandma was there! Isnt she sweet :)

My sore little feet being freed from tape.

I was so happy to have my family see my first big race, Chris was also there cheering me on. Finishing this race makes me even more confident and excited for my next half marathon in Disney!

So since I've been up for 10 hours I think its time for a nap right about now!

I'd like to know your first big race, did you love it like I loved the Miami ING?