Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Eats and P28

Because I didn't have class until 2:00 I had lots of time to myself. Chris left around 10:30 for his class so I had a good two hours to kill. First, I made a lovely roasted vegetable dish with sweet potato, zucchini and carrots. At the same time I roasted beets! Something I've never done before. I wasn't too sure if they came out right but I put them in my salad anyways. They were very good!

Yay for beets!

Before lunch I decided to reunite with one of my favorite t.v. trainers Jackie Warner. I've had her work out DVD for almost a year and use to do it all the time after my morning run but, of course I got bored of it.

Surprisingly it actually had me sweating for head to toe and I was "chasing the burn" as Jackie says.It was a great quick and easy 40 minute full body circuit. 
After school I was also pleasantly surprised to have a package for P28! They graciously send me 100% Whole Wheat Protein Bread. Tomorrow I will be tasting and blogging about them so keep reading to find out about P28!

Pre-workout? I think so!

I was super excited to have so many new food items in the house, I could hardly decide what I wanted for dinner. I opted for lentils, protein pasta, and veggies.

Chris and I then went to his gym for a night time workout session so I could run my 3 miles. I did it on the treadmill so to spice it up I ran intervals and sprints. Since my half marathon is on the 29th I need to stick to my training and eating clean!

New favorite dinner!
Have you had P28? Do you like it?

Are you training for anything in the near future? If so what is it?