Saturday, January 21, 2012

Nobody's Perfect

Today, I am striving for a better day than yesterday. I skipped the gym after volunteering, and laid in bed all day. It really put me in a weird mood. Therefore, I woke up early, had a clean breakfast and went straight to the gym. I did 3 miles in 26 minutes, whenever I run on the treadmill I like to run intervals with quick sprints. It felt great to take out yesterdays frustration on the treadmill. I also signed up for the kickboxing class right after.

I love kickboxing, I use to go every weekend at the gym I use to work for, they had the best instructor that really gave me a great sweat. I no longer work there, so no more kickboxing class, but I was very happy with the one I took today.

At first, I was hesitant, the room was packed, I was sweating like a pig from my run and I was the only one without gloves. Luckily half way through the class a couple people walked out and the instructor offered me her gloves. Shes so sweet, I guess she could tell I wasn't just there to look pretty. I was taking out all my stress on the bag. It felt great!

 After the class, I drank my first ever Celsius. I'd never heard of it before but I found it, read the label and bought them to try. Silly me, its a pre-workout drink! Next time, I'll know better haha but I have to say it tasted really good!

I also took a bite from one of the Perfect Bars, I was sent. I've been meaning to write about them for a while but I hate to be negative about a product. I know it's only my opinion but I still feel bad saying they're not my cup of tea. I received a sample pack and had a few bites of each.

They have great ingredients, protein, and carbs a perfect combo for a snack bar. The down fall would be; I had to keep the refrigerated so I could not bring them to school, I didn't care for the texture of them, and they're 300 calories, way to much for just a snack.  I offered them to Chris and he LOVES them. Thus, everyone has different taste buds, my only suggestion is you try them for yourself!

What new products are you trying out for the first time?