Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday Runday

Like always I like to start my Sunday mornings with my long run for the week today I will be running 10 miles. Followed by studying and having Sunday tea. My Sundays are very repetitive, I don't mind I like to rest and relax before a busy week, which I think most people like to too!

On the other hand, yesterday afternoon was very eventful. After studying for a bit, I received the ener-G package I requested. I could not have been more excited. I have always wanted to try rice bread and they sent me TWO loaves!Needless to say, I opened it right away. Delicious!!

At the same time I was making my first meatza, I found the recipe thanks to this girl and I am so thankful I did! Its fun and easy to make, I had to work with what I had so a plain meatza is what I made but next one will have veggies on top!

Chris and I were invited to a dinner party at his uncles house, I didn't know what would be served for dinner so I had a snack before we went. Meatza and rice bread, strange combo but individually they were very tasty.

This meal reminded me of Renfrew, they would not approve of such a combination. It would be considered a "ritual" meal. When I was first admitted I had no idea what that meant but I learned very quickly. Rituals are ways to manipulate your food to make it taste or look like something else, anything abnormal would not be allowed in the dinning hall, it was a very controversial issue. Some of the rituals forbidden included dipping cookies in coffee, ketchup on eggs, and cutting up salad too much. I never had a problem with any of these rules, but I am now happy that I can make my own decision and eat whatever!

At the dinner party we didn't eat until 9:00 which is a crazy meal time for me so I was smart on eating a snack before. All of the people at the party were old friends of Uncle Niel, I was the youngest person in the room and the only non-Jamaican. Looking at the group of people you would never know they were all from Jamaica, until they open their mouths of course. Just at a glance there were Germans, Asians and Italian looking guest. I'm so glad to have met Chris and his family they have opened my eyes to a culture I'd never known of before.
Curry goat (not our meal)

When dinner time rolled around I got to finally see what was being served. It was curry goat, oxtail, white rice and salad. I've had curry goat before in Jamaica but this one was too spicy for my taste, I had a few bites but really loaded my plate with salad. Luckily nobody noticed how empty my plate really looked. I had to have a snack when we finally got home.

At the end of the night we watched some t.v and Candie tried to steal my boyfriend:

Arnt they cute? Haha now its time for Sunday to begin with a nice long run day!

Have you ever had to eat something you didn't want to? If so what was it?

Do you have a busy Sunday or like to take it easy like me?