Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Quite a Rush

Seriously, Tuesdays and Thursday will be my most dreadful days this semester. In order to get any kind of exercise in I have to wake up and get to it. This morning I drove straight to the gym and began my workout. I was not too happy about leaving only after 50 minutes but it was necessary, cant miss chemistry at 9:30 am!

I quickly showered and left the gym, rushed home, rushed to make and eat breakfast while also cooking my lunch, packed my bag and ran out the door! I barely had time to breathe, let alone think if I forgot anything.

Well, I did.. but my professor said I could turn in the paper next class.*Sigh*
Class is over and now I can have some much needed rest time.

This mornings workout was very short but enough to satisfy me for the day. There is no way I'd want to go after my 6'o clock class ends and all the January gym-ers are over taking my gym. No way.

Here is the log to my Tuesday Arms workout:

Walking incline
5 Minutes
Super set
Arnold press
1 minute jacks

Super set
Upper bicep
Lower bicep curls
Triceps overhead press
1 minute jacks


Super set
Shoulder front raise
Bicep curl inwards

Chest flys
Bicep curl
Pull ups
Alternating heavy and light weights on machines 3x20
Alternating heavy and light weights on machines 3x20
Alternating heavy and light weights on machines 3x20
10 minutes heavy resistance (10+)
Abs and Stretch
5-10 minutes

In case you haven't realized I LOVE super setting! My new favorite shoulder/chest workout are Arnold's:
I had NO time to do cardio but I had a fairly long run yesterday so my legs can rest today. I need to learn about a million vocabulary words for anatomy which will take me all week so I better get started!

What is your favorite upper body workout?

Free weights or machines?