Saturday, January 7, 2012

Work it out

This morning I woke up for my easy six mile run but it was freezing (in the fifties) so I decided to go to the gym instead and wait til later in the day to run. My pre-workout breakfast looks like this: 

I've been wanting to post a full workout of what I do at the gym so today's the day you guys get to read about my entire gym routine. Normally I just wing it and that works for me but it's always great to have a plan! So here it is:

Saturday full body work out

Warm up:
15 minutes steady hill bike ride
5 minutes rower

Super set

10x3 jump squats
12x3 dead lifts

Super set
15x3 barbell curls
10x3 barbell overhead press

Super set
8x3 lunge and curl
20 calf raise

Arm machines

(sets 10 light weight 10 heavy weight x3)
Tricep extensions
Chest flys
Seated cable rows

Free weights:
shoulder raise front and side super set 3x8
Triceps kick backs 3x12

Leg machines:
Quads 75 lbs both legs 30 single leg turn out  12x3
Hamstring 40 lbs super set 10 lunges

Abs/ Stretch (Sorry that's as specific I could get, told ya I like to wing it)

*This work out, was made up by me, at the gym, while riding the bike...multi-tasker over here * 

I'm not sure how I feel about planning ahead vs. winging it at the gym. Both are beneficial, and get me working! 

What do you prefer planning or not?

Morning runner or afternoon run?