Sunday, February 26, 2012

Disney Princess Half Marathon

This morning I finished the Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon!!!

It was a hell of a trip, my mom and I drove up to Kissimmee yesterday for the expo. I had my corral changed from H to B because of my proof of time..thank goodness, the anticipation of waiting in the corrals is so intense luckily there was only 1 ahead of me!

My mom and I walked around the booths, she bought me a pink runnergirl headband that is too cute! Obviously I wore it during the race.

 I slept only 2 hours before the race, the excitement kept me awake but my mood quickly changed. I drove to Epcot only to find the road was closed so I followed the detour which lead me in circles for half an hour. I pulled up to a cop car and the nice police woman lead me to the open entrance.

I began the race strong, I felt great my knees were fine but I didn't know how fast I was going since my watch was on a different setting.

By mile 2 & 3 the markers were telling me I was running around 8 minute miles! I was so confused I felt fast but not that fast, I decided to just go with it and just run without looking at the markers.

Before mile 7 the course leads into the Magic Kingdom and you get to run through the castle! It was so awesome, I loved every second of running in the park.

Unfortunately My runners high came to an end with the sharp pain in my ankle, out of no where it began to hurt so I stopped to take a picture with a princess and stretch it out.

 No luck, my ankle was done with running.

I tried to get back into my pace but my ankle would not let me. I had to come up with a new plan, so I decided I'd run super slow so I don't hurt it even more, walk occasionally and take pictures with the characters from then on.

It was devisting but I had to just finish the race and make the best of it. I ran through the pain as much as possible but I didn't feel too good about it.

I finished the race and let out a cry from the pain in my ankle, the kind ladies took me to the aid station and iced me up.

I slowly walked towards the parking lot and realized I forgot where I parked. It took me 30 minutes and another cry to find the car. Thankfully I found it, went back to the hotel and told my mom of the crazy race I ran.

We left immediately after breakfast and got home by lunch. I checked my results and I could not believe my eyes, I ran it in 2 hours and 15 minutes! Only 3 minutes more than my first half last month!

What an adventure! I'm ready to get back into weight training and a rest from running distance.