Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New Direction

Happy hump day!  I loved reading all your responses to my Disney princess half, thank you all for the support.

I've been super busy so I have not been taking pictures of my meals so instead I will write about them and reveal the new fitness direction I'm headed in!!

But first, I will share my March goals that will hopefully help me succeed with my new plan.

March Goals:
1- Over spring break do 2-a-days at the gym.
2- Stick to the meal plan
3- Alternate workouts every two weeks.
4- At the end of the month seek advice from the female bodybuilders at the gym.

Did I just give it away? Well yes, I am going to train to become an amateur female body builder. A few employee at my gym do it and it looks like so much fun.

I am still a bit limpy from my ankle injury so I cannot start the exercise program. Although I can feel my ankle improving, it may take a few more days to fully recover. as for now I am perfecting my meal plan.

My meal plan consist of 3 small meals and 2 protein shakes in between. For the complete program click on Felicia Romeros  Muscle Building Regimen  here. It's a lot of food but it will help me build muscle and definition so I'll do what it takes. My biggest problem is carrying it all to school. I'm seriously  thinking of buying a lunch box haha.

I've decided to try this because it is something I've never done before. I am up for the challenge and cannot wait to start lifting!

Have you ever trained as a bodybuilder?
Any tips?