Sunday, February 19, 2012

Running without pains

 One week from today is the Disney Princess half marathon, it will be my second race this year. I am so excited to go, I cant even remember the last time I went to the Disney theme parks, you'd think because I live in Florida I go all the time but no I haven't been since I was maybe 8 years old.

This morning I ran without my watch, without my phone and most importantly without any pain in my knees and feet.  I also ran out of tape for my feet so I was very nervous to run without any support on my arches but they were fine!

I drank my amino energy and went out the door with only my music, back when I was on the cross country team I never ran with music, coach did not allow it, so I got use to it. Now that I am no longer on a team I prefer music, but I can always run without it.

I usually take the same route on Sundays with little modifications so I have an idea of the mileage, but regardless it felt great to get out there and run without any pains what so ever! Hopefully I will stay pain free for my half marathon! 

After this race, I am planning on a new direction for my fitness goals which I will share with you at a later date. I am very excited to challenge my self in something I've never done before.

Now for the present, I have been studying as much as possible for the week to come, after breakfast I'll be off to the library with Chris!