Wednesday, February 1, 2012

WIAW fail

It's already February and I had hoped to join in on WIAW but of course this week I've been hammered with assignments for school. I guess its time to get down to business and start studying much more bleeeh not fun.

Anyways, since I forgot to photograph my meals yesterday I will be posting about what I made this morning. I made quite a mess with my juicer but it was all worth it.

Instead of using a mango and papaya with my carrots I used 2 oranges and about 4 carrots to make juice.

I couldn't find the top piece that pushed down the food so I used a cup. It was VERY messy to say the least I think I have some pulp in my hair,not to mention all over my kitchen.

I opened up the compartment where all the pulp goes and guess what was there? The pusher downer thingy!! I was so upset I didn't look there in the first place, but hey at least I didn't lose it.

The last time I made carrot juice I used the pulp to make carrot pulp cake, this time I made cupcakes! I love the idea of a bite size treat! I sprinkled chia seeds on to them and they came out delicious.

Later today I'm going to drop them off at my uncles house, he has 3 little kids so they'd love these cupcakes :)

Do you enjoy baking for others or do you like to keep them around the house?