Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Busy Beautiful day

Hey guys, just checking in on the blog world. I spent the weekend with my family nothing too wild and crazy to talk about there haha but today I met up with a friend, got some sun and went shopping!

This morning the family met up with my grandparents for breakfast. It's my grandpas 74th birthday today so we took him out to eat. I had the usual 2 eggs and a bagel.

 After breakfast we did some shopping. I was super excited to find a kitchen scale on sale and new heels! 

It's very difficult to find cute shoes that are wearable with all my feet injuries. I almost didn't buy any but at the last second I found the perfect pair. Wedges are the best heels ever!

Later in the afternoon I met up with an old friend, Jaime. We went to the pool for a few hours, gossiped and soaked up the sun. It was the perfect combination.

I had such a busy day so I'm just getting to my workout now. I'm off to the gym to work my arms. Catch ya later!